Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Introducing Myself

Hello everyone,

this is my first time blogging as Maria Santicelli, my pen name for erotic fiction. I opened this blog to talk freely about my "dirty little secrets", most of which will be in English. Since I'm not a native speaker some of my stories will be in other languages, too, but right now I'm concentrating on the English market.

The name of my blog alludes to my passion for all furry and paranormal things as well as romance and eroticism. I'm also a cat lover which will undoubtedly show sooner or later :-)

For now I only have a short story up. You can find it on amazon and Smashwords. I'm not happy with the cover art but right now I'm lacking time to think of a better one. Bear with me; all my resources go into finishing my first male/male erotica novel and I can't wait to type "end" under that mountain of words and get it out to my editor. Once it is finished I'll post teasers and perhaps even little doodles.

Other than shamelessly promoting my own work I want to give other writers the chance to get word about their stuff out, and sometimes I'll even post about things completely unrelated to writing or publishing. Like cats. Or food ;-)

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