Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Thaw of the Firedancer

After long months of writing and editing, my novella "Thaw of the Firedancer" (or "Firedancer" for short) is now available on Amazon. There's not much going on in the way of smut and I do apologize for that, but since the story is several years old already, I hope you'll bear with me regardless and give my boys a chance. :-)

Blurb: Something's not right with fallen angel Beau Leavold, as evidenced by his seductive yet strange dreams of fragrant fire that offer peace and quiet in a world that has become far too demanding. The shock of nearly losing his son to two psychopathic humans has never dulled, making every moment into his personal perdition. These quiet hours at night are all he has to convince himself that God hasn't Judged him yet, that he is still alive enough to hope. To hope for what, he doesn't know.

His doctor is worried, as is his best friend Maurice, but Beau simply doesn't find it in him to care any longer. He's tired of feeling apathetic and disconnected, and sick of dealing with his callous wife. In his eyes it doesn't seem unreasonable to want to end it, rather than drag himself through another year. To simply go to sleep, dance in the fire for a while, and never wake up again.

Only the fire doesn't want him dead. Instead it leads him to a human circus of all things, and to celebrity firedancer Charlie Dawne, who, ironically, is the young man who couldn't save his son from madness all those years ago. Beau realizes soon that seeking forgiveness from God is one thing, seeking it from a fragile, frozen soul in this world quite another. It is up to Beau now to accept the gift Fate has given him and build a better life for himself and Charlie, and right the wrongs in both their lives.

Are you curious yet? :) In that case please follow the link below and check out the sample.

And if you're feeling particularly generous, please let me know what you think. This is my first longer story in English and I'd love to hear from you.

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